About Us

Ruby Kate's Boutique started out as a fun, little addition inside our Pat's Hallmark Shop in 2018. All of the dishes and house ware that were previously in their separate room were eventually moved out and gradually replaced with clothing. It had no additional name but was only known as "the clothing side" inside of Pat's Hallmark.  Seeing the excitement in our customers eyes when they realize there is now a boutique inside the store has been a huge motivation for us to keep growing. After months and months of talking and strategizing over re-branding "the clothing side" we finally decided to cut the cord and go for it! 

Becky and Brannon Dyer are second-generation owners of Pat's Hallmark Shop which has been around since 1996 and was previously Brown's Drugs since 1977. While thinking of the perfect name for "the clothing side" of Pat's Hallmark Shop they knew they wanted to keep it personal to tie in with their strong, family business - that's where Ruby Kate's came in. Ruby Katherine is the name of Becky and Brannon's daughter, but that's not all. Becky and Brannon BOTH had grandmothers named Ruby! The name was just perfect for the store, and they knew there wouldn't be any better option. 

At Ruby Kate's Boutique, we are so happy to be able to serve such an amazing, supportive community. We hope to bring a smile to everyone who walks through the doors and to provide you with top customer service. We appreciate the support from each and every one of you and hope to continue growing our small business!

Ruby Kate's Team